A Big Island Vascular Doctor Answers the Question: “Does Vein Disease Treatment Also Benefit Your He

Heart disease and vein disease are very different, both in the ways that they are diagnosed and in how they are treated. But according to Dr. Randall S. Juleff, a noted Big Island vascular doctor, heart disease and vein disease are linked because they share a common set of risk factors that make people more likely to develop them. Because of this link, treatments that reduce your risk of vein disease can also reduce your risk of heart disease.

Protecting your veins can also protect your heart

As an example of how eliminating one of these linked risk factors can improve both your vein health and your heart health, consider the biggest preventable risk factor for both diseases – smoking cigarettes. Stopping smoking will not only help to prevent varicose veins (or reduce their painful symptoms if you already have them), it will lower your risk of developing heart disease.

Another preventable risk factor that causes both vein disease and heart disease is being overweight. Every extra pound you carry around places pressure on your veins and makes them more susceptible to disease, but it also does the same thing for your arteries and your heart. By losing weight, you can cut your risk of either vein disease or heart disease in half within a year.

The most dangerous lifestyle choice for both vein and heart health is inactivity

A recent article in the respected medical journal The Lancet has called inactivity a “global pandemic,” one that kills more people every year worldwide than smoking. So again, when you follow your Hawaii vein specialist’s advice and get more exercise to reduce your symptoms of vein disease, you’re benefitting your heart with every step you take while walking or jogging.

Finally, varicose vein or blood clot removal can DIRECTLY protect your heart

When you see a varicose vein treatment specialist in Honolulu and have your diseased veins removed, the resulting improvement to your overall circulation can have a very positive benefit for your health. If blood clots have begun to form in your veins and your vein doctor can eliminate them with medications or with minimally invasive surgeries, that removes a big risk to your heart health as well.

So if you have been procrastinating and putting off treatment recommended by your vein practice on Maui and Kauai, it’s time you reconsidered. Seeking treatment for your varicose veins may actually help to keep your heart healthy and help to keep you alive and happy for many more years. Give us a call and we’ll explain how to get the process started.

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