A Hawaii Vein Specialist Talks about Vein Removal – When Doing Something to Improve Your Appearance

As anyone who has varicose veins can tell you, they’re unattractive. And yet, many people who have them don’t consider getting rid of them permanently by a vein specialist because they have negative feelings about what they consider “cosmetic surgery.” They feel that taking steps to improve your appearance is somehow “cheating” and think that it’s something that only rich, vain people do.

Speaking as a specialist on varicose vein treatment in Hawaii, we think that these people would think differently if they knew how many cases of severe clinical depression have been cured by cosmetic surgery, and knew how many people have “gotten their lives back” by having reconstructive surgery after accidents. When we remind patients who are reluctant to consider varicose vein removal about this, they often reply, “Well, that’s different.”

Vein removal can be just as different – yes, it improves your appearance, but its real purpose is to improve your overall health

If you have varicose veins, you know how depressing the simple act of looking into a mirror can be. Over time, looking at your legs and then reaching for long pants or dark stockings to cover them up and hide your swollen veins is debilitating and bad for your mental health, because it robs you of self-esteem.

But if you’ve been trying to “live with” your varicose veins for some time, you probably know that they’re bad for your physical health as well. Common side effects of varicose veins include chronically swollen legs and ankles that can become so painful that you can no longer walk. Left untreated, your swollen veins can become infected and leave your legs covered with bleeding sores that won’t heal. And the worst part is that all of these are just the surface side effects of varicose veins – below the surface the vein disease that causes them is busy increasing your risk of developing heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and stroke.

Varicose veins can’t be fixed, but they can be removed… and easily

Once vein disease has crippled your veins enough that they become varicose, sadly they cannot be “fixed” or repaired, either by surgery or drugs. But the treatments offered by the best vein doctors in Hawaii CAN eliminate both the unattractiveness of varicose vein and their debilitating side effects by removing the veins completely. And the best part is that removing these veins is done using minimally-invasive techniques that are so effective that they can be completed in about an hour, and in the comfort of our offices.

Once your diseased veins have been closed using modern vein treatment techniques, they are gone forever and won’t return. It may take a few weeks before they are absorbed into surrounding tissue and the last traces of them disappear, but immediately you’ll start to feel more energetic and less affected by the negative side effects we spoke of earlier, because healthier veins have taken over the job of routing blood back to your heart and lungs.

As your circulatory health returns to normal, your overall health returns to normal, too. Many patients who have received Maui vein treatment report that they “felt ten years younger, in just a few days.” Something that can have that much of an impact on your life isn’t “just cosmetic surgery” – it’s potentially life-changing.

So how do I find out more?

If you’re ready to improve not only your appearance but your overall health, all you have to do to get the process started is pick up your phone and call our Hawaii vein specialist or go online to schedule a consultation with our board certified vein specialist.  You’ll be happy you did.

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