A Vein Expert in Hawaii on Getting a Venous Reflux Exam

Venous reflux is the backward flow of blood in a vein that occurs when one-way valves in the veins become damaged and do not work properly. The pooling of blood leads to more damage in the veins and causes veins to stretch. A venous reflux exam is performed by a varicose surgeon to determine which veins aren’t working properly. Thanks to the availability of ultrasound equipment that is made specifically for this purpose, a Hawaiian varicose vein doctor can observe the way veins function and identify the location of problematic veins. The biggest advantage to the venous reflux exam is that it is non-invasive, causes no pain, and presents no risk to the patient.

How a venous reflux exam enhances varicose vein treatment in Hawaii

Patients who have been diagnosed with venous reflux or who are experiencing symptoms may be given a venous reflux exam to pinpoint the full extent of their condition and determine the best course of treatment for them. Getting an accurate diagnosis is essential to creating a treatment plan that will restore the patient’s vein health and prevent more serious conditions from developing. Once your condition has been diagnosed, your vein expert in Hawaii will discuss your treatment options with you. You and your doctor will work as a team so you know what to expect every step of the way.

Additional information obtained by a Hawaii varicose vein doctor

In addition to the use of diagnostic equipment, Dr. Randall Juleff will perform a physical exam, request your family medical history, and take your symptoms into consideration. As a skilled and experienced varicose surgeon, Dr. Juleff knows the symptoms of venous reflux and the related conditions that may develop. Following your exam, he will be able to provide you with a diagnosis of your condition, any notable risk factors, and your options for varicose vein treatment in Hawaii. Call us or go online to schedule your venous reflux exam and start working towards better vein health.

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