A Vein Treatment Center in Hawaii Answers the Question: “Will My Varicose Vein Treatment Hurt?”

Over the years, dealing with the questions that new patients always have when they consult our vein treatment center in Hawaii, possibly chatting with our specialist in Honolulu or Maui for the first time, it’s become obvious that a LOT of people believe that having their varicose veins removed is going to be PAINFUL. They’re in our offices asking about treatment because they really can’t stand to deal a moment longer with the unattractiveness and the side effects of varicose veins, but at the same time they’ve had to overcome fear to get there, because something or someone has convinced them that it’s going to HURT to get rid of their varicose veins.

Short Answer: These people were lying to you – vein treatment doesn’t hurt

One of the first things we tell patients who are concerned that their treatment will be painful is to look into WHO it was who told them this. In almost all cases, that person is a mother or grandmother who was basing their “advice” on what vein treatment was like in their generation. Based on the “bad old days” of varicose vein treatment, these negative testimonials are actually true. The old method of varicose vein removal was called “vein stripping” and it was even more onerous – and painful – than it sounds. To get treated, you had to check into a hospital and undergo general anesthesia while a surgeon made incisions down the entire length of your varicose veins and then scraped them away with a scalpel. Ugh. And yes, these methods were painful, and often left scars.

Modern varicose vein removal techniques in our vein treatment center in Hawaii aren’t like this at all. Instead, they are minimally-invasive, using tiny needles (smaller than the ones used to give you a flu shot) to inject pharmaceutical agents directly into a diseased vein to close them. These techniques are so safe that they can be performed in the comfort of our local vein treatment center in Hawaii instead of a hospital, and are so painless that most patients don’t even ask for a local anesthetic to dull the prick caused when the doctor inserts the needle.

Long Answer: Here’s WHY modern vein treatment doesn’t hurt

Modern Maui vein treatment methodologies take advantage of a new branch of medical science called interventional radiology, in which painless visualization technologies like ultrasound are used to guide tiny needles or catheters precisely into place in a vein to deliver treatment. No large incisions are required, and in many cases no local anesthetics are required, although they are available if you request them. There is no scarring because there are no large incisions, and there is no “recovery time” required because quite literally there is nothing to recover from. The whole procedure to remove a large varicose vein takes less than an hour in our state-of-the-art vein treatment center in Hawaii, after which the patient is encouraged to get up and walk around, and is then free to return to work or play immediately afterwards. Does that sound to you as if it’s going to hurt?

OK, it’s painless…but does it still work, and is it permanent?

Yes. Once your varicose veins have been closed by one of the best vein doctors in Hawaii, they are closed forever. It may take a few weeks before the last signs of them disappear from the surface of the skin on your legs, but in almost all cases within a month you will show no more visible signs of varicose veins. Better, the vein removal process eliminates the disease that causes varicose veins, so they won’t “come back” or “grow back again.” Although it is possible to develop new varicose veins after treatment, a large part of our follow-up treatment is to provide you with the diet, exercise, and lifestyle tips to keep this from happening.

So if you’re interested enough in getting Varicose Vein treatment in Hawaii, our advice is to take the next step and call our Vein Clinics of Hawaii offices to arrange for an initial consultation or schedule an appointment online. You’ll be happy you did.

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