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Understanding Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT)

A blood clot is part of a normal and lifesaving process in our body that stops bleeding when a blood vessel is damaged. Without blood clots, we could potentially bleed to death anytime we cut or injured ourselves.

Jun 2nd, 2020
Restless Leg Syndrome

Causes and solutions to the discomfort and related sleep disturbances caused by restless legs.

Feb 5th, 2020
A Vein Expert in Hawaii on Getting a Venous Reflux Exam

Venous reflux is the backward flow of blood in a vein that occurs when one-way valves in the veins become damaged and do not work properly. The pooling of blood leads to more damage in the veins and causes veins to stretch. A venous reflux exam is performe

Jan 28th, 2018
A Hawaii Vein Specialist Explains How Aging Can Bring On Vein Problems

Ask most people to describe what comes to mind for them when they hear the words “vein disease,” and they’ll probably answer, “Varicose veins.” Ask them to expand upon this, and they’ll say something like, “It’s an old folks’ disease.” But that’s not what

Apr 26th, 2017
Hawaii Vein Specialists Share Top Vein Disease Treatments

Any discussion of modern vein disease treatment has to cover a lot of ground, because there are so many treatment options. There are conservative treatments that focus on controlling the symptoms of varicose veins or other vein diseases with diet, exercise

Jul 30th, 2016
Dr. Juleff on the “Maui For Less” Radio Show at KAOI

Each month Dr. Randall S. Juleff is a guest on a show called “Maui for Less” with Jonathan Todd. Dr. Juleff will have the privilege to educate the radio audience about venous disease and other healthcare related topics. Please tune in! Radio station: Ma

Jul 16th, 2016
Modern Vein Care Procedures now available on Kauai

Before we opened our office, patients have had to undertake travel to another island or the mainland, with all of it’s inconveniences, to be treated with minimally invasive modern vein techniques. We opened the office in July of this year and saw our first

Dec 19th, 2015