Conservative Treatment

Improving the condition of your trouble veins on your legs does not necessarily mean that you have to stay in a hospital or undergo painful surgery with a long recovery period and risky side effects. Instead, many patients choose to treat their vein issues with conservative measures. Conservative treatments are non-invasive measures for providing relief from many of the bothersome and often devastating symptoms of problem veins that result from venous insufficiency.

Conservative treatments include lifestyle changes such as eating a healthy diet, increasing the amount of exercise you do and staying regularly active, elevating your legs above heart level at night or while at rest, avoiding wearing heels or clothes that are too tight, and wearing compression hose. The vein care specialists in Hawaii recommend all of these methods to help encourage the blood flow in the legs to circulate more freely back up towards the heart. Conservative treatments are tried-and-true methods for improving circulation and easing vein disease symptoms such as throbbing, swollen legs and ankles, achiness and pain.

If you have recently noticed the telling discoloration of spider veins or the unsightly bulging appearance of varicose veins on your legs or ankles and are curious about your options, conservative treatment might be just what you need to feel

better. If you do not have time for a more involved treatment at the moment, or if you are not a candidate for one of our surgical vein treatment procedures, conservative therapies can keep mild to moderate symptoms at bay. After assessing your condition, Dr. Juleff can recommend conservative treatment options for you to begin right away and start feeling better as soon as possible.



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