Getting To Know Dr. Randall S. Juleff, Your Big Island Vascular Doctor

Few things in life can be as frustrating as having a specialized medical problem and not knowing who the best doctor Big Island vascular doctor in your area is to contact about it. For example, if you live in Hawaii, have varicose veins, are tired of trying to “live with them,” and are finally ready to seek treatment, who are you going to call?Fortunately, finding the best vein doctor in Hawaii is pretty simple, because one doctor tends to stand out of the crowd. Dr. Randall S. Juleff, medical director of Vein Clinics of Hawaii, has been practicing cardiovascular medicine for over 20 years, and is triple board certified in Phlebology, General Surgery, and Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery. Over the past two decades he has treated hundreds of patients with venous disorders as well as a wide range of vascular, thoracic, and cardiac diseases. In this article, we’ll point out why Dr. Juleff may be the best vein doctor for you as well.

Credentials and experience

Dr. Juleff earned his undergraduate degree from Oakland University. After graduating Magna Cum Laude, he went on to medical school at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Following medical school he completed internship and residency training in General Surgery at William Beaumont Hospital, also located in Michigan. To enhance his skills and knowledge, Dr. Juleff completed a number of research and clinical fellowships. These include a one-year research fellowship at Beaumont Hospital concentrating on vascular surgery, a clinical fellowship in vascular Surgery at The Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati, and a Cardio-thoracic fellowship at Tulane University in New Orleans.

Throughout his many years of experience, Dr. Juleff has developed a philosophy that centers around precise patient evaluation followed by caring and skillful treatment. His dedication to patient satisfaction has made him a top Oahu varicose vein doctor and serves as a guiding principle for all members of his staff. He is dedicated to providing Hawaii with vein treatment that utilizes the most advanced techniques available for a safe and comfortable experience.

So how do you find out more about our Big Island vascular doctor?

Your next step should probably be to pick up your telephone and call our Big Island vascular doctor or go online to set up an initial consultation. Dr. Juleff will perform a venous health screening and be able to tell you if he has found any signs of vein disease. But during that initial consultation you will also have the opportunity to talk with Dr. Juleff directly and ask him any questions you have – about your condition, about the best possible treatments for it, about the personal goals you are trying to achieve by seeking treatment, and any other questions you want to ask. This is really the best way to “get to know your vein doctor.” Once you do, we suspect you will feel as positively about Dr. Juleff and the caring, comfortable healing environment he has created at Vein Clinics of Hawaii as other patients do.

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