Hawaii Vein Specialists Discuss What Their Patients Love about Vein Disease Treatment

One of the most fulfilling and heart-warming aspects of being a vein care specialist in Kauai and Maui is hearing our patients talk about how pleased they are with the treatment they’ve received at Vein Clinics of Hawaii. They express how glad they are that they sought treatment for their swollen legs and ankles, and how happy they are to be free of their varicose veins, and that makes us feel good as physicians. But they also often talk about how much they love the treatment they received, and that makes us feel good as people, and as friends.What our patients love about their vein treatment in Maui

Naturally, many patients who trusted us to remove their varicose veins and spider veins are happy with how much the appearance of their legs has improved. They tell stories of what it feels like to finally be able to do things again that people around them take for granted. Like wearing a bathing suit or tennis shorts, or just being able to look in a mirror and feel proud of the way their legs look again. Before they sought treatment, many of these folks had begun to believe that they would have to live with ugly, swollen, and discolored varicose veins for the rest of their lives. So when the treatments work and the varicose veins are suddenly gone, for these people it is literally like having a new life.

But finally being free of the unattractiveness of varicose veins is only part of the story, because that ignores the side effects that varicose veins brought with them. Patients who tried to ignore the unattractiveness and just “live with” their varicose veins often found that they also had to “live with” so much pain and tiredness in their legs that they were unable to do simple things like stand for more than a few minutes, or walk to the market. Now that the varicose veins are gone and their energy and strength has returned, being able to do these things again often gives them a “new lease on life.” Some of our patients have told us that not only do they feel like dancing, they literally can dance, often for the first time in years.

But our patients don’t just love the results – they love how they are treated

Our philosophy has always been to “treat the whole patient,” and to provide a healing environment that feels more like a vacation at a nice spa than it does a trip to the doctor’s office. So it makes us feel good to hear some of the comments that our patients have made in the “Success Story” section of our website, at https://www.veinclinicsofhawaii.com/success-story/. There, patients often express their appreciation for how comfortable the VCH staff made them feel.

This of course makes us feel good, because we have always felt that our success as Hawaii vein specialists depends on how we treat the people we treat. We never lose sight of the fact that they are people first, and people who have come to us for help. We try our best to provide that help, in an environment that is as comfortable and supportive as possible.

And our patients seem to appreciate that. The love the fact that we schedule appointments for treatments at theirconvenience and to fit into their work or travel schedules, not ours. They love the fact that we spend time with them and explain all of the available treatment options, so that they can decide which are best for them. They love that we work closely with their insurance providers to make things go smoothly and resolve any difficulties that might arise.

In short, our patients are “happy campers”

You can probably get a feel for this from some of the testimonials in the “Success Story” part of our website. And if you ask around, you’ll find that such “rave reviews” aren’t rare. We are considered one of the best Maui vein treatment centers for a simple reason – we really are one of the best. Give us a call and set up an appointment so you can feel this good about your vein treatment, too.

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