Modern Vein Care Procedures now available on Kauai

Before we opened our office, patients have had to undertake travel to another island or the mainland, with all of it’s inconveniences, to be treated with minimally invasive modern vein techniques. We opened the office in July of this year and saw our first set of patients on July 28th. The very first procedure that Dr. Juleff did was performed on a lady named Joyce and we did that on October 28th. She did very well and her prior symptoms have receded completely.

Prior to about 10 years ago surgical vein stripping was the only option that people had for primary treatment of varicose veins and the cause is something we call venous insufficiency. Over the past 10 to 15 years minimally invasive procedures like EVLT have been developed and have revolutionized the treatment. This has made intervention for this problem tremendously more appealing. The procedures are done in office, last an hour or less and the patient goes on there way with essentially no down time and very little in the line of physical restrictions. Compared to surgical stripping which required a 2-3 day hospital stay, large surgical incisions and a tremendous amount of bruising and discomfort, the newer procedures are much more appealing.

If you have vein related problems, give vein center of Kauai, Hawaii a call for a free screening.

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