Arthur Aronson, MD Testimonial

“I have so many good things to say about my experience with Dr. Juleff and his staff… That I could go on forever. Dr. Juleff possesses all of the qualities that one should look for when choosing a physician. He is well trained, competent and skilled. His knowledge of his specialty is current. He is genuinely personable and friendly. Most importantly, he provides a high quality of medical care with compassion and human kindness. He is an old-fashioned, handholding kind of doctor and he surrounds himself with a staff of like-minded people. Believe me, this is important! After first meeting Dr. Juleff I was left with such a strong feeling of confidence that I traveled over 3,000 miles, round trip, from my home in San Diego, California to have him do the procedures that were indicated in the treatment of my condition. From the moment I decided to schedule the procedures every detail was perfectly coordinated. The procedures went smoothly and I was very relaxed throughout. My post-operative care has been superb; in fact, I couldn’t have received better care if I lived next door to my Surgeon. Dr. Juleff makes himself personally available 24 hours a day.”

Dr. Juleff is pleased to share his knowledge and experience in the field of vein care by speaking to groups about the latest technologies available to treat vein disease. He has spoken to both physicians and patients on the topic. Additionally, Dr. Juleff regularly attends professional conferences in order to build on his knowledge and to stay abreast of the latest breakthroughs in this rapidly changing field.

❂ Arthur Aronson, MD