Vein Care Specialists in Kauai Asks: “Are Varicose Veins Your Weakest Link?”

From our perspective as some of the best vein care specialists in Hawaii, when it comes to maintaining one’s health, most patients’ “weakest link” is the condition or risk factor that they DON’T pay enough attention to, because they don’t think they have to. For many of our patients, that “weakest link” is their varicose veins. Some have been trying to “live with” their varicose veins so long that they have come to consider them inevitable, “something that happens with age” and that they have to live with. After all, many of these patients’ parents had varicose veins and they never sought treatment for them, so they think they don’t have to, either. In this article, we’ll try to point out some of the dangers of believing this.

If you have varicose veins, have you noticed any of these symptoms?

If you have varicose veins, but you’ve been putting off seeing a varicose vein treatment specialist in Honolulu because you think your veins are “just” a little swollen and discolored, and “just” a cosmetic problem, have you noticed that you often also experience swollen legs and ankles? Have you noticed that your legs often feel so tired and weak that it’s difficult to stand or walk?

These symptoms are known side effects of varicose veins. They happen as the result of chronic venous insufficiency, the underlying vein disease that causes varicose veins. CVI prevents blood from flowing back to your heart and lungs as it should, and instead allows it to accumulate in your extremities. This results in increased pressure on your veins, swelling in your legs and ankles, and weakness because your muscles are not getting the nutrients they need.

If you’ve experienced these symptoms, they’re probably caused by CVI

Worse, if you ignore them, these symptoms can quickly escalate and become so painful that you become effectively disabled. And that’s only the start of the bad news for your general health, because the same CVI that’s causing these symptoms is simultaneously crippling your immune system and greatly increasing your risk of developing more serious conditions, like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and stroke.

How do you know for sure if your varicose veins are hurting your health?

If you have been experiencing symptoms like these – and especially if the pain and weakness have gone on for weeks or months – our advice as vein care specialists in Kauai is to contact one of the best vein treatment centers in Maui and make an appointment for a checkup. These screenings are non-invasive and painless, but they allow Dr. Juleff to accurately assess the exact state of your varicose veins, and recommend ways to minimize their impact on your overall health. So give some of the best vein care specialists a call today or go online and set up an appointment for an initial consultation. You’ll be happy you did!

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