Vein Care Specialists Kauai and Maui Discuss Why People Are Embarrassed to Talk about Varicose Veins

As experienced vein care specialists in Kauai, we know how far many patients go to hidetheir varicose veins. They put on long pants or wear dark stockings every day, and come up with endless excuses to avoid having to put on a swimsuit or play sports that would require them to reveal their varicose veins.

While we understand that these people are embarrassed by the appearance of their legs, one thing that still surprises us is that many of them are embarrassed to even talk about their varicose veins – with us, who, after all, are their vein doctors. It’s as if many of these patients have been trying to pretend for so long to other people that their varicose veins don’t exist that they keep doing it, even when talking to varicose vein specialists in Oahu, Honolulu. In this article, we’d like to talk about this reluctance, and bring the subject into the open.

Four facts to help you feel less embarrassed about having varicose veins

First, we understand that your varicose veins make you feel unique and isolated, but you are not alone in having them – 40% of women over 50 have them, and 50% of women over 60. And one out of four men over 50 have them, too.

Second, although the first time you noticed them you probably felt like shouting, “But I’m too young to have varicose veins!,” you aren’t. 1 in 20 women under the age of 24 have them, and they can appear in patients as young as 11. Aging IS a risk factor for varicose veins, but is not the only one or the most important one.

Third, many people feel embarrassed to seek vein treatment in Maui because they think that varicose veins are “just a cosmetic problem.” They feel that having them removed would be a form of cosmetic surgery, and they’re reluctant to talk about it or find out more. This is regrettable, because varicose veins are NOT “just a cosmetic problem” – they’re the surface symptoms of a circulatory disease that can affect your entire health and very quickly cause so much pain that you can no longer walk. If you had clogged arteries that increased your risk of a heart attack, you wouldn’t feel bad about a procedure that could fix them, would you? Then why feel bad about a procedure that can eliminate your varicose veins?

Fourth, you didn’t do anything to “deserve” varicose veins. Most people inherit them from their parents and grandparents.

Varicose veins are the symptom of a disease, and one that can be cured

So don’t feel embarrassed if you have varicose veins – do something about them. Modern varicose vein treatments literally allow you to walk into your Oahu varicose vein doctor’s offices with varicose veins, have them treated painlessly and non-invasively, and then walk out without them, all in about an hour per treatment. Varicose vein removal really CAN be that easy. So give Dr. Randall S. Juleff a call today or go online and never be embarrassed by the appearance of your legs again.

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